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Konu: Askar Online l 110 Cap l Drop l Survival~Madness~Dungeon l New Features l 14.06.2019

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    Post Askar Online l 110 Cap l Drop l Survival~Madness~Dungeon l New Features l 14.06.2019

    Askar Online From Past To Today

    About Askar Online
    Hello everyone! Askar Online is an Askar Network project. We supported many silkroad private servers since 2012. We entered the Turkey market in 2012 with “Srsroad” which was our first server. We have had a share in many event and edits at Silkroad so far. When we arrived to 2014 year, we started to operate on company basis. Our company has been growing day by day and today with 7 employees in total, we are serving you in the online sector with paying taxes to government. Our company kept groving in 2019 and we moved our office in Istanbul/Beylikduzu to 120m2 office in Istanbul/Kadikoy.

    Cap 110
    Race EU~CH
    Mastery 220/440
    Free Silk 9999999
    Main Town Donwhang
    Start Level 1
    Exp Rate 90x
    Sp Rate 50x
    Drop Rate 10x
    Gold Rate 1x
    Alchemy Rate 1x
    Pill Bug Fix
    Honor Survival ~ Jupiter
    Guild Limit 24
    Union Limit 3
    PC Limit 2
    Job Limit 1

    Top Level Event
    First (10) player lv. up to 110 will be announced by notice and rewarded with (20) Askar Cash(TL).

    Level Cap
    The 110 cap experience awaits you, where everyone is excited and longing for, longing for the old days.

    Europe ~ Chinese

    Many players are now requesting a 220/440 mastery limit so are we.

    Exp Rate
    We have set the exp rate to reach 110 level max. in 9-10 hours.

    In our game, the material you can get with donate is “Askar Cash(TL)”. You can also earn “Askar Cash(TL)” with activity on the server.

    The alchemy on the server seems to be a little difficult for you. The alchemy rate is set to 1x.

    PC & Job Limit
    All players are looking for competition and they want this competition to be fair. The limit is “PC Limit 2/ Job Limit 1”.

    Main Town
    All NPCs exist in the game are located at Downhang. All the ETC items you will need are in there.

    Premium Plus
    "Premium Plus" is always important for 110 Cap server. The "Premium" values in the server are set to 10%.

    The question asked by all players is the vigor. The "Vigor" is set to 15% in server.

    Alchemy lovers will not have much difficulty to get elixir nor they get very easy. There is also a special "Dungeon" area for the elixir drop.

    Auto Equipment
    Power leveling is not very hard. "1-10" DG auto equipment system has been added to the game.

    Reverse & Return
    Our players can purchase Reverse & Return scrolls with free silk from F10.

    Avatar & Transporters
    A lot of avatars are available at Askar Dress Shop and you can buy with free silk.

    We have made an option for our players to get titles with gold. We added some titles with gold at npc.

    Every player can’t participate activities 24/7 because they are working or studying. Quest system added for the players who only can find time to play in the evening.

    Final Items
    The final item will be the “Power” in our server.

    Characters Start Items
    Starting level is 1. Beginner reverse & return items are non-tradable.

    Free Silk How To Obtain
    Characters start with free silk in their account.

    Item Stack
    Item stacks are tailored to an old-school game.

    Start Premium
    All characters start with “1 Day Premium %5”. It is non-tradable.

    New Moving Speed
    All characters start with “1 Day Moving Speed %110”. It is non-tradable.

    Nova Drop System
    Nova drop has been added to 101+ mobs. Drop rates are adjusted to be at least 1 drop per day. Nova items also drop from box.

    FGW System
    4 different Forgotten World stones available. You can buy FGW stones from the NPC in Downhang for gold.

    FGW Card System
    You will drop FGW card from Sereness unique according to FGW star. For example: If you enter 4 star FGW, you will drop 4x FGW card from Sereness unique.

    FGW Commander`s ~ Sereness`s
    The most difficult FGW cards will be Commander’s Patch and Sereness’s Tears. These cards will not drop easily.

    11DG (Power) Weapon
    The final items as a weapon is “Power”. Power can be obtained from FGW. (Difficulty ~ middle)

    1 Star FGW ~ 1 Card Drop 100%
    2 Star FGW ~ 2 Card Drop 100%
    3 Star FGW ~ 3 Card Drop 100%
    4 Star FGW ~ 4 Card Drop 100%
    Protection Shield obtabined with (Arena Coin)

    11DG (Immortal) Set
    11DG Immortal set parts are available at NPC in Jangan. These items requires certain amount of A-Coin and Gold Coin.

    Immortal Set (1) Part
    Askar Coin
    Gold Coin

    11DG (Legend) Accessory
    11DG Legend accessory parts are available at NPC in Jangan. These items requires certain amount of A-Coin and Arena Coin.

    Legend Accessory 1 Part
    Askar Coin
    Arena Coin

    Free Askar Cash
    Every player doesn’t want to donate and doesn't want to be too behind from other players. So we have developed a few systems for this and helped you to earn a small amount "Cash".

    You can earn (Cash) by killing normal Uniques.
    -You can earn (Cash) in Donate Dungeon Area.
    -You can earn (Cash) via events.

    Trade Items Buy
    Job limit is 1. Level requirement for trade is 110.

    5* Purchase price ~ 200M
    Caravan Pet Slot ~ 10
    Caravan Pet Options~ 4 Different Pet

    Trade Route
    Only Jangan-Hotan and Jangan-Samarkand routes are available on the server. Downhang and Constantinople trader NPCs have been removed.

    Jangan ~ Hotan Profit 400M Gold
    Jangan ~ Samarkand Profit 800M Gold
    Thief Profit 200M Gold
    Thief 7 Level Reset Reward 1B Gold Bar + GodBless

    Special Trade Route
    Special trade is start twice a day. 1 at noon, 1 at night. You will make more profit and you will experience the competition via special trade.

    Jangan ~ Taklamakan Profit 1B Gold
    Jangan ~ Samarkand Profit 3B Gold

    Job Point System
    Every player you killed in job mode, you get certain amount of “Job Point”. You can spend your Job Point to buy various items from NPC.

    -Trader kills Thief(Each kill) Earns 2 Job Point
    -Thief kills Trader(Each kill) Earns 4 Job Point

    Some items you can with Job Points
    1% ~ 5% Özel Job Suits
    Nova Box
    Premium Box

    Job Godbless Trader
    When your job level reach 7, relog and you will have a “Beginner Angelbless” in your inventory.

    Standart Uniques
    Normal uniques respawns in 30-60 min. Uruchi-Isyutaru and Lord has also STR type and spawns original locations. STR and INT unique drops are indicated in the following table.

    Tiger Girl (1) Gold Coin
    Uruchi (1) Luck Box + (3) Askar Coin
    Isyutaru (1) Luck Box + (3) Askar Coin
    Lord Yarkan (1) Luck Box + (4) Askar Coin
    Demon Shaitan (1) Luck Box + (4) Askar Coin
    Captain Ivy (1) Luck Box + (3) Askar Coin
    Cerberus (1) Arena Coin

    Unique Cash System
    You can earn (Cash) by killing some uniques. These uniques respawns in 3 hours. Spawn points are shown on the map in the game.

    Undine [STR] (1) TL + (1) Arena Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Salamander [STR] (1) TL + (1) Arena Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Sylph [STR] (1) TL + (1) Arena Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Gnome [STR] (1) TL + (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Yuno [STR] (1) TL + (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Jupiter [STR] (1) TL + (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card

    Extra Uniques
    There are 6 extra uniques in game. These uniques respawns in 4 hours. Spawn points are shown on the map in the game.

    Zielkiaxe (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Babilion (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    Baal (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    SoHaow The White Tiger (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    SoSo The Black Viper (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card
    YumJae The Blue Hawk (1) Gold Coin + (1) Sabukan + (1) Magic Pop Card

    Extra Unique Drop (Medusa ~ Roc)
    “Medusa” and “Roc” spawn only once per day and allow you to earn both Askar Cash(TL) and many special valuable items.

    Medusa (20) TL + (3) Nova Box + (20) Askar Coin + (10) Gold Coin + (10) Arena Coin + (5) Sabukan + (1) Medusa Title + (2) Element
    Roc (20) TL + (2) Nova Box + (10) Askar Coin + (8) Gold Coin + (8) Arena Coin + (5) Sabukan + (1) Roc Title + (2) Element

    Medusa Spawn Point : Medusa Arena (23:00)
    Roc Spawn Point: Roc Arena (00:00)

    Dungeon Information
    The system announces the Dungeon time with notice and ask you to register. The event lasts 10 minutes.

    Dungeon System
    There are many event mobs in this area. Some of them has “Askar Element” drop chance by %20. Inside the dungeon, 2 new uniques spawn. These uniques drop ("Askar Cash ~ Nova Box ~ Element ~ Title").

    Element Information
    There are 4 different type elements and 8 different type Socket Stone in server. You will manufacture Socket Stone from Socket Tablet(Sold at NPC) with these elements. To obtain Socket Stone, you need to collect the elements written below then manufacture the tablets to Socket stone.

    Element System

    Askar Element (11DG) Sky Temple ~ Water Temple
    Sense Element (11DG) Drop (101+) Mobs (5%)
    Mood Element (11DG) All Unique Drop (5%)
    Disorder (11DG) NPC (Gold)

    Holy Water Information
    We didn't want solo players to spend time just with FGW and we added holy water into the game. Works in original form.

    Holy Water Reward
    Certain uniques spawn in Holy Water Temple in each floor. Holy Water uniques has drop according to the difficulty.(Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced). Some items you can get from Holy Water shown below.

    Nova Box (100%)
    Luck Box (100%)
    Element (100%)
    Arena Coin (60%)

    Warlock Mastery (Phy,Medical,Combat,Courage) Raze cooldown 15 seconds ~ Probability 25%
    Cleric Mastery (Reverse Immolition) removed.
    Bard Mastery (Dancind ~ Tambour) decreased by 25%
    Warrior Mastery (Phy ~ Mag Fence) decreased by 25%
    Force Mastery (Voit Skilleri) 40%
    Pill Bug ~ Fix 20 Seconds

    Survival Honor System
    Survival event begins 2 times per day. Event lasts 10 minutes. “Survival event will start after 5 minutes. Please send “KAYIT” to [HonorWar] character to register.” will be announced by notice. After registration, all registered players will be teleported to event area.
    All bug are solved and limits work completely. Honor Point is taken as (+3) per kill.
    You lose (-1) Honor Point when you die.
    The top 3 people who earn the most Honor Point after the end of the event are announced by notice and rewards (10 Askar Cash) are sent to their inventory.

    JobWar Event
    Event begins 2 times per day. Event lasts 10 minutes. “JobWar event will start after 5 minutes. Please send “KAYIT” to [JobWar] character to register.”
    After registration, all registered players will be teleported to event area.
    All bug are solved and limits work completely.
    Trader / Hunter & Thief is teleported in equal number.
    Players respawn in event area if they die during the event period.
    Which team has the most score wins the event.
    All members of the winning team rewarded with (2 Askar Cash).

    Madness Event
    In this system you will have fun as well as you will win without any loss.
    When you write #BRUTAL to the character named [ASKAR], you will register the event.
    Berserk is on.
    Begins only once per day.
    Wears auto cape.
    Each kill (1 Askar Cash).
    Players who dies will be teleported to town and eliminated.


    LMS Event
    The player who stands last win the event reward (Nova Box).

    All Event
    The following events are beginning automatically at certain times of the day. Events give various prizes.

    .Unique Event
    .Missing Unique Event
    .Missing GM Event
    .Trivia Event
    .Party Form Event
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    Sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz inşallah bu serverde kısa sürmez. Oyuna başlayacak arkadaşlar lütfen 1 - 2 hafta sonra bırakmayın çünkü ciddi emekler verip bir yerlere gelince oyundan gidilmesi hiç hoş bir durum değil gerekirse mobil sohbet ten bağlanarak burada sohbet edebiliriz

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